About a loser

If you are reading, this is my personal journal. Its a way to talk to myself because talking to myself in the real world just isn’t fun enough. I’m 18 year old man (though I’m still considered a boy) living in California. I always run into hot topics and people are always debating. I always give my opinion, but it is usually to myself. It has to do with the fact that these hot topics are encountered on the internet. My comments can be easily be blocked. In the real world, people assume I want to get them upset. When cornered in a debate they started, they simply say “well, w/e I believe what I want to believe”. Hopefully blogging will expose others to my opinions and thoughts.

I’m posting anonymously due to the fact that my 3 friends may possibly, accidentally, in the near future stumble upon this. Really though I want to express myself. I enjoy typing and writing but I prefer typing since my handwriting is terrible. My handwriting looks like someone vomited lead spaghetti on a piece of paper. I’m honest, its the truth, the sad truth. That is ok though, I prefer honesty over everything. I rather have you say”I’m only reading your blog because you are a sad sub-human and I feel sorry for you”. If that is your honesty then I respect that but your also a douche. Just saying.

My blog will be focused on whatever I want to discuss. It is very hard for me to focus on one thing, as many subjects run in my mind. My head is like a volcano. Lava is my ideas. And yes, my thoughts may hurt you, and might be unsettling. BLAH! Though give me a chance because I’m really a nice person. Maybe too nice sometimes.


2 Responses to “About a loser”

  1. Hey ! You are interesting and funny. Dude, sometimes I want to write what I want and express my opinion on things,but I cant. I love your blog bro. Keep up the good stuff. 😀


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