Left Happy, Came back Sad…

Yup my trip to a certain location was soothing. Knowing I would see people I haven’t seen in a very long. Kind of in a what to do now mood. I’m so use to just doing things on my own and pretty much being a shut in. Every time I get that breath of fresh of air I just want more. Knowing I won’t get the opportunity any time soon just depresses me. I think I’ll take the initiative and possibly look for a job this coming Monday. This means I must sleep earlier than usual, which is something I hate. That is another story.

All I can think about is the past week. If other people were to experience what I did they would totally see how sad and depressed I must be to actually of been excited on going. Whatever! Any form of social interaction for me is like cake to a fat kid. While I enjoy social interactions I also find myself being less and less excited about them, though I am still pretty fucking excited when something comes up. Too bad I end up being shy and quiet. Give me a few drinks then I can be more social. I prefer gatherings with few people. I’ll eventually come out of my shell when comfortable enough, even without drinks. Man I fucking rambling. I need to shut up and stay on topic haha.

I’ll try to get happier but as of right now nothing is doing it for me.

“The Worst feeling isnt being alone and lonely its knowing that you will eventually be forgotten by someone you will never forget”
That was the highest rated comment, I feel even worse lol.


~ by YouhateHonesty on July 9, 2011.

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