Bored with Exercise

Its been a long journey. Took me awhile to get where I am, to be happy with who I am. Over 2 years ago I was extremely over weight and now I’m in the best shape in my life. I would state my previous weight and my current weight but I think that gives me away, as I’ve told so many about it. Though I can say I have lost over 90lbs. Feels good and everything to not be out of breathe and not just feel like some slob. I can fit into the clothes I’ve always wanted to wear. More choices of clothing are available for me. I have more confidence. I’m stronger and faster. I actually enjoy running, sometimes. That leads to this. I”M SO FREAKIN BORED OF EXERCISE.

Though I always get like this. I usually pick and stay with a certain routine for a few months then change it up. As of right now my week consists of weight lifting, calisthenics and jogging. I usually do 3 miles and some weights one day and then calisthenics and 1 mile of jogging(not always) on other days. The part that is really boring me is the jogging. I go to a college track. When I first moved to my current location, which wasn’t long ago, it was a breath of fresh air. It had been awhile since I’ve been on a track. Now I’m so bored of jogging in circles. As of recent, I have been sprinting to try to change things up a bit. I think this will be my next phase. I will stop long jogging(as if 3 miles is a lot, I did use to run 5-6 miles a day) and instead focus more on speed. Weight lifting and calisthenics, though it not fun in the least, still haven’t drove me crazy, yet. Weight lifting will probably stay, since adding more weight is the my goal and stopping would prevent my strength gain. Calisthenics, well I just need to think of different exercises. That should do it.

Thought I write this since I just got done with one of my workouts and felt the need to complain like a little baby.


~ by YouhateHonesty on June 30, 2011.

One Response to “Bored with Exercise”

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