Left Happy, Came back Sad…

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Yup my trip to a certain location was soothing. Knowing I would see people I haven’t seen in a very long. Kind of in a what to do now mood. I’m so use to just doing things on my own and pretty much being a shut in. Every time I get that breath of fresh of air I just want more. Knowing I won’t get the opportunity any time soon just depresses me. I think I’ll take the initiative and possibly look for a job this coming Monday. This means I must sleep earlier than usual, which is something I hate. That is another story.

All I can think about is the past week. If other people were to experience what I did they would totally see how sad and depressed I must be to actually of been excited on going. Whatever! Any form of social interaction for me is like cake to a fat kid. While I enjoy social interactions I also find myself being less and less excited about them, though I am still pretty fucking excited when something comes up. Too bad I end up being shy and quiet. Give me a few drinks then I can be more social. I prefer gatherings with few people. I’ll eventually come out of my shell when comfortable enough, even without drinks. Man I fucking rambling. I need to shut up and stay on topic haha.

I’ll try to get happier but as of right now nothing is doing it for me.

“The Worst feeling isnt being alone´╗┐ and lonely its knowing that you will eventually be forgotten by someone you will never forget”
That was the highest rated comment, I feel even worse lol.

Bored with Exercise

•June 30, 2011 • 1 Comment

Its been a long journey. Took me awhile to get where I am, to be happy with who I am. Over 2 years ago I was extremely over weight and now I’m in the best shape in my life. I would state my previous weight and my current weight but I think that gives me away, as I’ve told so many about it. Though I can say I have lost over 90lbs. Feels good and everything to not be out of breathe and not just feel like some slob. I can fit into the clothes I’ve always wanted to wear. More choices of clothing are available for me. I have more confidence. I’m stronger and faster. I actually enjoy running, sometimes. That leads to this. I”M SO FREAKIN BORED OF EXERCISE.

Though I always get like this. I usually pick and stay with a certain routine for a few months then change it up. As of right now my week consists of weight lifting, calisthenics and jogging. I usually do 3 miles and some weights one day and then calisthenics and 1 mile of jogging(not always) on other days. The part that is really boring me is the jogging. I go to a college track. When I first moved to my current location, which wasn’t long ago, it was a breath of fresh air. It had been awhile since I’ve been on a track. Now I’m so bored of jogging in circles. As of recent, I have been sprinting to try to change things up a bit. I think this will be my next phase. I will stop long jogging(as if 3 miles is a lot, I did use to run 5-6 miles a day) and instead focus more on speed. Weight lifting and calisthenics, though it not fun in the least, still haven’t drove me crazy, yet. Weight lifting will probably stay, since adding more weight is the my goal and stopping would prevent my strength gain. Calisthenics, well I just need to think of different exercises. That should do it.

Thought I write this since I just got done with one of my workouts and felt the need to complain like a little baby.

So many…many many many

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I have so much to write about. I don’t even think I should be spending so much time on this. This isn’t a good way to prepare for college. I have to take some placement test and algebra is my focus. I should really be keeping my algebra skills polished but I’d rather just waste my time. Sounds better right? I guess this is a filler until I can finish up some of my other writings.

I’ll be honest, this is the exact video I was watching when I wrote this. Don’t know how I got to the video. I am a fan of hip-hop but not this kind, whatever the this kind happens to be.

So it has begun…DUN DUN DUN

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Yup. Here I am, writing to myself. Pretty pathetic if you ask me. I guess I’ll have to give it time as I didn’t sign up for no reason. This is pretty much like a journal, really it is. No one cares about me or cares to look through my stuff and if they happened to stumble upon this, most likely by accident then they get the inside scoop into the life of a… a… I don’t even know what I am. I’ll have to read back on this. I will. I’ll see if a couple of weeks from now I’ll see this post as retarded or gay. Yeah that is right, I’m being very ignorant by using those terms, sue me! No actually don’t, please I have no money and would literally piss myself If I ended up in the news. “PATHETIC MAN WITH TERRIBLE HAIRCUT BEING SUED OVER WORDPRESS POST, MORE AT 11 AND AFTER WE SHOW YOU WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU LEAVE YOUR CAMERA ON AND DECIDE TO PLAY WITH YOURSELF”.

Facebook, uggghhhh

•June 28, 2011 • 3 Comments

yup, those p’s are upside down b’s. I couldn’t find a suitable font dammit.

I’m not your typical Facebook user or typical social site network user person for that matter. I prefer someone come to my house or call me or I call them. You know, what people do when they want to talk to someone. Instead we have social networking sites, and more specifically Facebook that ruin it for everyone!!!! Well maybe just me, but who cares I want what I want!

Let me start out saying that the site itself isn’t bad. Its really easy to use. The site look is clean and is pretty fast. It is not cluttered with a whole bunch of random shit. It gets it’s job done. I managed to find many of my high school classmates and some of my relatives I haven’t seen in ages. That is a good thing I guess. The whole status update works with bands telling me about their E.P or about gaming devs that tell me they delayed their game once again(FML). The fun stops there.

On the other hand you have people who like to posts “BOUT TO GO 2 GYMS, BRB GETTAN MA ABS BRAHS LOL”. People who badger you with game invites. People posting obscene photos. Its like a horrible high school party expect none of the drunk girls want to talk to me. Another thing. What is it with people liking their own status updates. I don’t get it. You don’t agree with yourself or approve what you are doing. “Man I hate people and their stupid book bags”. Let me agree some more about my own opinion. In a way though this kind of caters to people like me, who talk to ourselves. In reality this is what I do, except I pretend to be someone wise who agrees with Mooose, myself. Then there is those who ask for likes. “Can you like my music page”. “I’m asking for the 10th time today and for some reason no one is liking my page, not because they probably think my work sucks, but because I think they are unaware of my status updates”. yeah sure go fuck yourself.


I wonder why I waste my time with Facebook. I don’t have to go on it. I can easily delete it and forget all about it. But everyone I know uses it. They won’t call me, they want me to go on facebook and text them. When I call them they say you should just text me, its easier. I’m probably coming off as some anti-social douche who hates people and their “fun”. It isn’t that. I just don’t get why everyone uses facebook. Maybe I’m being a hypocrite because I’m using this blog as my personal journal and I can argue that these people are using facebook for the very same thing. It seems like it anyway. With all the personal info they give out. I feel like I’m forced to use it because of friends, corporations and their awesome raffles in which I can only enter if I like their page. I’ll keep using it for a couple more months and then probably get rid of it. Its myspace all over again.